“ℓιfε ιs fσя thε ℓιvιηg.
Dεαth ιs fσя thε ∂εα∂.
ℓεt ℓιfε bε ℓιкε мυsιc.
Aη∂ ∂εαth α ηotε υηsαι∂.”

× Nαмε : 緋雨 「Hιsαмε」
× Bαη∂ : Gяιεvα
× Pαяt : Bαss
× Dαtε σf Bιяth : 2月27日
× Bℓσσ∂ tyρε : Õ
× ωειght : 49 кg
× Hειght : 1,74 cм
× Я/s : sιηgℓε

「+18 αη∂ ∂ιstυяbιηg cσηtεηt.」

「яσℓεpℓαy αcc.」

「αιm : sinful.hisame@yahoo.com」
一 .二

/wraps self around you like a crawling potato/”Forever hugs,texting frieeeeend(´ 。•ω•。)っ⌒♡。.”

Put a numeric kanji in my ask to tell me what you’d do with me~


零 I’d do nothing with you.

一 I’d talk to you.

二 I’d hug you.

三 I’d kiss you on the cheek.

四 I’d cuddle with you.

五 I’d make out with you.

六 I’d fondle and caress you.

七 I’d jerk you off.

八 I’d stimulate you orally.

九 I’d have penetrative sex with you.

十 I’d be your slave and do anything you wish.